VideoDictionary is a project about language and moving images.

The aim of this project is to make a collection of videos of less than one minute of duration that define different words of the dictionary. The works reflect the relationship of objects and words, and the capability of moving images to construct meaning.

The project was developed during 2004, 2005 and 2006 and the collection reached 86 words/works by artists of a wide variety of nationalities, languages, and backgrounds. It was curated by Jorge Bravo and Manuel Saiz, founders of TheVideoArtFoundation, (with Luisa Ortinez). The first project of the group, few years before, had been 25hrs, in Barcelona.

The works of the videoDictionary do not content words neither on the images nor on the soundtrack, so the dictionary is available for speakers of all languages. However, English is the primary language for classify and order the entries.

There are many ways to create a work suitable for the VideoDictionary. Some artists have selected a word and made a video about it, some had very minimal or descriptive definitions, some had poetic approaches, ironic or contrasted vision of the word, etc. During the first years some works were commissioned, and some were selected from open calls, all of them paid by institutions TheVideoArtFoundation managed to get involved in the project.